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Welcome to Cape Fox Shared Services

Cape Fox Shared Services (CFSS) provides back-office support to companies within the Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) family.  Our services allow these member organizations to focus on mission-critical activities rather than the management of day-to-day back office operations.  By utilizing CFSS's services, these companies are able to optimize the use of shared resources, reduce indirect costs, and increase efficiency and productivity—giving them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 


Cape Fox Shared Services Hot Topics

Accelerate Your Year-end Sales

The fiscal year for government spending ends September 30. Find out which federal agencies are not meeting their set-aside goals using the U.S. Small Business Administration's (SBA) Scorecard. Targeting these agencies could help accelerate your sales. 

Ethical Company Culture Affects Employee Conduct

According to data studied by the Ethics Resource Center, employees of businesses with strong ethical standards tend to experience greater company loyalty and are more likely to go the extra-mile for their employer. The report suggests that ‘employee engagement is heavily influenced by factors that have nothing to do with money...





Fiscal Aid Package

President Obama approves $26.1 billion in state and local aid to avoid fall layoffs. 
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Stimulus Dollars to Impact Local Economies

GovPro sources report that the economy is improving heading into the second half of 2010.
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