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Human Resources

Human resources refers to the management of a company’s personnel and the development and implementation of policies and procedures that deal with a company’s hiring, firing, and training practices, as well as employee relations concerns such as health benefits and life insurance. The objective of human resources is to maximize the return on investment from the company's employees and minimize financial risk. It is the responsibility of human resource managers to conduct these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner. 

CFSS’s Human Resources department is committed to providing complete, integrated human resource services to all forms of business.  It has consistently provided training, organizational development, coaching services and professional tracking for a variety of federal government contracting companies.  Our leadership brings with it over 75 years of combined experience, making us true experts in the management and implementation of HR practices.
Listed below are the toolkits and services we provide as part of our Human Resources products:

Legal Compliance- ADA, Affirmative Action, COBRA, Diversity, Discrimination, Compensation practices, EEOC Toolkits, Ethics, FLSA, MLA, Religion in the Workplace, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance and HIPAA Privacy.

Employee Relations- Alternative Dispute Resolution, Attitude and Satisfaction Surveys, Coaching Skills, Disciplinary Procedures, Dress  and Grooming in the Workplace, Identity Theft Prevention Programs, Investigations, Personnel Records Management, Harassment in the Workplace, Harassment Education Programs, Terminations, Unemployment Disputes and Hearings, Worker’s Compensation Programs and Hearings, Workplace Violence Programs, Workplace  Safety

Benefits Offered- Alternative Scheduling, Medical, Dental, Vision, Retention Practices, Holidays, Personal  Holidays Included,  Flex pending Accounts, Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance, 401(K) and 401(A) Plans,  Employee Assistance Programs, FMLA, Direct Deposit, Military Leave, Jury Leave.

Training & Development- Career Development, Coaching Skills, Communication Skills, Corporate Citizenship, New Employee Orientation, Employee Handbook, Worker’s Compensation and Accident Reporting,  Internships, Reduction Enforce Assistance, Mentoring, Performance Management, Professional Development, Strategic Planning, Succession  Planning, Talent Management, Workplace Health and Safety.

Risk Management- Defense Base Act Protection, Liability, Worker’s Compensation coverage, Business Travel Insurance, Loss Protection, and Disaster Management.